Dahlia Sale FAQ

When will you be shipping out orders?

We typically ship tubers out in early/mid April when there is a stretch of nice weather. We will NOT ship early. 

What is your shipping policy?

  • All orders will be charged $15 flat rate shipping fee.
  • Free shipping on orders of 25 tubers!
  • Local on farm pick up available too. 
    • *FOR ON FARM PICK UP: once in checkout.. click "information" (at top of screen) and then "pick up" (under delivery method). You'll then see the farm's address. 
  • Multiple orders to the same address will be combined and shipping charges refunded. *IF you have multiple orders, please email me to confirm. THANKS
  • No international shipping. 

I selected on farm pick up. When will my tubers be ready for pick up?

I will reach out to you via email in early April, and we can arrange a pick up then. We are located south of Kittanning, PA.

What is your return/refund policy?

  • Dahlia tubers are living things, and sometimes things don't go as planned. At our discretion, we hold the right to cancel and refund your order at any time due to storage issues or unforeseen circumstances. 
  • No substitutions will be made without your permission.
  • We do not hold responsibility of your tubers once they leave our property. No refund will be granted for storage issues, growing conditions, shipping problems.
  • We guarantee each tuber to be healthy and have at least one eye (possibly still dormant at time of shipping). Inspect your tubers the day of arrival, and send me an email within 3 days of arrival with any concerns.

How should I store dahlia tubers be stored?

When your tubers arrive, open immediately and inspect for damage. Keep them safe from freezing temperatures as this will likely kill them. Don't be in too much of a rush to get them planted. They prefer warmer soils. Until soil temperatures rise, keep them stored somewhere dark and cool (but not freezing). Store them in the paper bags and peat moss we send them in or some other soil substrate.