What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an opportunity for community members to pledge support to a local farm by becoming share members of the growing season. You will receive a box of veggies weekly (or biweekly) through the growing season.


Why CSA is important on the farm?

Having support from the communities we serve is very valuable to us. You financial support helps pay the heavy spring bills (seeds, compost, fertilizers, etc) that are needed to have harvests all season long.  We also value the relationships built from our CSA program. Getting to know the people who grow your food is powerful.


Are you certified organic?

No. We are Certified Naturally Grown. This means that we are inspected each year to keep us honest about our growing practices. We don’t use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We rarely use organic pesticides as they too can be harmful to native pollinators and other beneficial insects. We use organic seed/plant sources whenever possible, always GMO free. We use various techniques to minimize soil erosion and compaction. We give much of our property to the ecosystem including prairie, forest, and wetland habitats.

Bottom line: you can feel good about the food you get from us. 


Which CSA share size is right for my family?

This depends on how many vegetables your family normally eats. The small CSA share typically offers 4-6 items, and is good for a small family that cooks with veggies 2-3 times a week. The regular CSA share typically offers 7-11 items, and is good for small/medium size families that cook with vegetables 5 nights a week. 



Can I split a CSA membership with friends or another household?

Of course! Just let us know who will be picking up your share each week. 


What risk is involved in joining the CSA program?

There is risk in joining any CSA program. Crop failures, pest infestations, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances can make devastating impacts. By joining the CSA, you are joining us in our bounties and losses. We grow a wide variety of crops for insurance that when one crop fails, another will provide a bumper crop.

Do I have to pay for my CSA share all at once?

No. We know budgets can get tight. All subscriptions require 50% down payment to hold your spot. All subscriptions should be paid in full by May. Email Isaac if you’d like to do payment installments -


Am I able to pick out my veggies each week?

No. Your vegetables will be selected each week from the crops currently available. This means you can expect a variety of vegetables throughout the seasons. Some more widely enjoyed crops (like lettuce) you can expect nearly every week while others you will see more infrequently (like fennel). Some crops are seasonal favorites, and while they are in season you will receive them often (snap peas and cherry tomatoes). 


What if I'm unable to pick up my veggies on a specific week?

Unable to pick up your subscription? PLEASE GIVE US AT LEAST 24 HOUR NOTICE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP YOUR VEGGIE BOX. If you give us 24 hour notice, you then have the following options: 

  1. Have someone else pick up your box. Please let us know who will be picking up for you that week.
  2. Pick up the following day on the farm. Please contact us before you come.
  3. Pick up at one of our other drop offs that same week. Again, please let us know that you’ll be picking up on a different day that week. 
  4. Donate that week’s veggie box. We work with our local food bank for donations, and would be happy to include your veggie box if you are unable to pick it up.


Do you offer home delivery?

No, we currently do not offer home delivery. 


Where are the 2024 pick up locations?

Wednesdays - Bellevue Farmers Market (Bayne Park)

Thursdays - on farm pick up (Slate Lick, PA)

Saturdays - Butler City Farmers Market (209 S Chestnut St)

**currently looking to add CSA pick up locations**


How do I bring a CSA pick up location closer to where I live?

We have 3 pick up locations currently, but are looking to add more. If you are interested in hosting a new pick up site, email us - for more details. 


When do the CSA pick up start?

CSA season runs from June 17 through November 2. A total of 20 weeks.


What Vegetables can I expect to find in my share each week?

Here's a list of our crop lists for 2024:




Bell peppers (field)

Bok choy


Bush beans






Herbs - Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lavender


GOLDEN beets

Hot peppers


Kale (baby)



Mesclun mix (salanova)

Onions (spring onions)

Onions (fresh sweet)

Onions (fresh/storage red)

Onions (storage)




Summer squash/zucchini


Swiss Chard

Tomatoes - cherry field

Tomatoes heirloom

Tomatoes - slicers

Winter Squash/pumpkins